Mattala adivaram songs telugu

Hello all i hope every one are doing great. In this article we will see what are the mattala adivaram songs in telugu.

Mattala adivaram songs

Matala adivaram also know as palm Sunday is celebrated remembering Jesus Christ entering the holy city Jerusalem before his final crucifixion for all humankind to cleanse us from our sins. it is a time of reflection, prayer, and preparation for Easter celebrations.

In 2024, Mattala Adivaram is celebrated on 24th March. It is a day to remember and honor Jesus Christ's sacrifice and teachings, symbolizing hope, redemption, and the promise of salvation for all humankind.

On Mattala adivaram believers gather to sing songs that resonate with the spirit of the occasion. As you prepare for Sunday service, may these Mattala Adivaram songs in Telugu inspire and enrich your spiritual journey.

Mattala adivaram songs telugu:

Below is the list of Mattala adivaram songs in telugu. You can take this list and prepare for Sunday service. These songs carry the essence of devotion and praise, uplifting the spirits of the faithful during this sacred time. 

  1. Davidu tanaya hosanna, Yudula raja hosanna
  2. Hosannanuchu Sthuthi Paaduchu
  3. Edigo nee raju vachuchudnde seyonu kumari
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