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Hello friends on this page you will find nammakam Telugu quotes. In Telugu. Download the latest nammakam quotes in Telugu for free on this page. Nammakam(నమ్మకం) means trust, believe, confidence...etc. 

Trust, belief  is something we keep in us and on others and if once trust is broken there is nothing which can build our trust back. So one should be faithful to one another and have  trust. 

Believe in your self and be confident. expect nothing from others and give your best. Success will come to you.

Nammakam quotations on this page are very emotional. We have designed and uploaded unique nammakam quotations in Telugu just for you based on the present situations around us.

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Nammakam Quotes in Telugu

నమ్మితే సమస్తము నీకు సాధ్యము. nammakam quotes in telugu
నమ్మకం quotes

నమ్మితే సమస్తము నీకు సాధ్యము.

ఎవరినో ఎందుకు నమ్మడం? Telugu nammakam quotes
Nammakam quotes in telugu

ఎవరినో ఎందుకు నమ్మడం?

నమ్మకం లేని స్నేహం,  నమ్మకం లేని ప్రేమ..Nammakam quotes in telugu
Nammakam quotes in telugu

The above image says that friendship, love, relations can break of we do not have trust between one another.

nammakam quotations telugu image download
nammakam quotations telugu

nammakam love quotes in telugu
nammakam love quotes in telugu

Nammakam quotations in telugu- నమ్మిన మనిషి కంటే, నమ్మకంగా ఉండేవి జంతువులే...!!
Nammakam quotations

The above image says that animals are more faithful than humans.

nammakam quotations telugu

quotes on nammakam
natinchadam quotes in telugu

Nammakam Quotes In Telugu
Quotes on Nammakam

Nammakam Quotes In Telugu
Nammakam Quotes In Telugu

nammakam quotations telugu
nammakam quotations telugu

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